Monster Slaying
Published October 25, 2018

It’s as old as sunsets and shadows. It pops its ugly head up this time of year as the days get shorter and the darkness settles in. It afflicts the smallest of children, and if we’re honest, it even bothers some adults. As long as there have been beds and strange sounds in the night, it has been around. I’m talking about monsters under the bed.

In the daylight, we can laugh about them. We can shake them off as a fanciful imagination run amok. But in the dark, they become a terror. And they can wreck a whole night’s sleep. Have you ever experienced a monster under the bed?

For the next several weeks, our church family will address four such monsters that lurk in the shadows and can wreck our faith in Jesus. More than just figments of our imagination, they can be very real attitudes that scare us back into complacency, despair or outright fear. It’s all too easy to run back to our beds and live life with our covers thrown over our heads.

But the ancient prophet Haggai has something to say about that. He saw these shadow monsters plaguing God’s people of his day, and through a series of God-ordained messages, he shined the light of God’s strength and compassion on them. And you know what? The monsters fled. The Almighty God of heaven and earth cowers before no one. Monsters under the bed pose him no threat.

So join us this Sunday as we start a new series exploring some common threats to our faith in Jesus and how Almighty God has a word to banish them from our lives. That word comes through Haggai 2,500 years ago, but it’s as real for us as the shadows under our beds. May the ghosts and ghouls terrorizing you during this Halloween season know the light of God’s revelation and the power of his presence. Join us as we do some monster slaying together.

Brooks is a father of three boys, husband to one wife, and lover of many books. Aside from reading and writing you may also find him coaching, watching, or playing sports.

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