South Side's Generosity in 2018
Published December 29, 2018

As the year draws to a close, we're all inclined to look back over the last 12 months. If you're like me, it's a great time to celebrate this year's achievements.

I'm writing today to celebrate South Side's achievements in generosity. We believe that we're not only called to live generous lives as individuals, but we're also called to be a generous church.

Here are some ways your finacial giving has made a generous impact in ministry...

  • Since November 1, over $45,000 has been given to mission efforts including regular mission partner support, year-end blessings, Everyday Hope grants, beveolence requests, and mission trip scholarships for 2019. 
  • 41 people participated in our Everyday Hope Project which distributed $10,000 to needs directly in our community. You can read their stories here.
  • 23 South Side families have been assisted through our benevolence fund this year as we've distributed $5,761.18 by helping with rent and utility payments (7), bus passes (220), prescription drug assistance (3), and many other general needs.
  • For our Big Block Bash, $1875 of church funds was combined with $2,000 in additional support from area buisnesses to create a great evening for our local community.
  • Over $1,700 has provided weekly meals for a group of local Black Hawk students participating in Compass.
  • Various year-end gifts were given to our current mission partners including a $3,000 gift to Lake Springfield Christian Assembly.
  • In all, over $145,000 has been used this year to extend your generosity in mission work in Springfield, the United States, and the World.
  • On top of that, over $117,000 has been used to fund our ministry efforts, and over $70,000 has been paid to reduce our current construction loan - that's $54,000 above regular payments.

In all we're still about 5% short of our $1,200,000 in budgeted income. With only one more Sunday, I'm confident that we can close the $57,000 gap but only with your help. Would you consider making an additional one-time gift over the next three days? Your support makes all this possible and will allow us to move confidently into our 75th year of ministry at South Side.

Thank you so much for being a part of the South Side family. Your gfits do make an eternal impact.

Daniel Shelton
Executive Pastor

P.S. If you'd like to make gift in the 2018 fiscal year, be sure to either

  • place it tomorrow's offering plate
  • mail a check postmarked 12/31
  • Give online prior to midnight on 12/31

Remember - the church office is closed on New Year's Eve so any physical gifs should be donated during Sunday's offering or mailed on Monday.

Did you know? If you are 70 1/2 or older, a charitable contribution from your IRA counts toward your RMD without adding to your reportable annual income. Contact your financial advisor to learn more about setting up a Qualified Charitable Distribution.

Daniel is a lover of details which makes him a perfect fit for his job. He is also a husband and father of two girls which makes him thankful for his job.
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