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Electronic Giving FAQs

Electronic giving is the ability to give a donation or schedule a series of donations through electronic means. This can be done by using your bank's checking, debit card, or credit card account through a secure website portal designed for receiving online donations. You can also now give with your phone by texting the word "give" to 224-588-8122.

Giving Via Text

Q: How do I give via text?
A:  Text the word "give" to 224-588-8122. During the first time only you'll create a secure account. Save the number in your phone and after that text any amount to give anytime, anywhere.

Q: Does this add to my phone bill?
A: No. The transaction will be through a merchant called They specialize in helping churches with electronic giving.

Q: Can I set up reocurring payments this way too?
A: Yes

Q: What if I make a mistake?
A: Just text "refund" and the amount will automatically be credited.

Q: Are there fees associated with this type of giving?
A:  There are processing fees (around 3%) as with any type of credit card transaction. When submitting your donation you have the ability cover the fees if you would like.

Q: If I use a credit card is that wrong?
A:  Some are able to responsibly use a credit card by paying off a balance monthly. If that's you than using a credit card may make sense. If you currently have credit card debt then consider another way to give that won't compound your debt.

Giving Via ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Q:  How do I set up online giving via ACH?
A:  It's so simple!  Go to to request a username and password. (NOTE: Some South Siders may have already created a username and a password.  If so log in here.)  Once you are logged in you'll notice the give tab at the top of the page.  Click that and it will walk you through the various ways you can give online. You can give a one-time gift or reocurring gift by using your routing and account number.

Q:  What is Church Community Builder?
A:  CCB is an online database software that South Side uses to manage membership information, attendance, facilities, and donor records.  Think of it as South Side's online hub of information.

Q:  Is it secure?
A:  Yes it is!  All the financial information you input into CCB is encrypted at the highest level of security. Because CCB is not a payment processor it does not store any checking account information.  Instead our online merchant Bluepay facilitates each actual transaction.  For that reason you'll receive an emailed receipt from both Bluepay and CCB for each transaction that you authorize.  Bluepay's servers are behind hardware and software firewalls which protect your information from hackers.  They also follow all the guidelines for PCI Compliance which is an industry-mandated security standard that applies to all organizations that process online payments.

Q:  Are online gifts included in the weekly totals?
A:  Yes.  Online gifts that settle in South Side's bank account each week are counted in that week's Everyday Fund total.

Q:  Do I set up one-time or reoccurring gifts?
A:  Either/or.  You have the option to give one-time gifts or set up a schedule of giving that suits your desire.  If you ever want to change a reoccurring schedule just log in and make the desired changes.

Q:  When I set up my online giving will everyone have access to that information?
A:  No.  Your account numbers cannot be seen by any South Side Staff.  Only Bluepay (as the payment processor) has the ability to utilize that information.

Q:  Can I see my giving history online?
A:  Yes.  Once you've set up an account you can see a history of all your giving - both online and physical donations.

Q: Are there fees associated with this type of giving?
A:  This is the cheapest and easiest way for the church to receive your electronic gift. While there is a fee for ACH it is very nominal.


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