A Message From Brooks

Seventy-one years ago, a bold group of people set out to start a new church family on the south side of Springfield. They found support from a strong Christian fellowship to extend the love of Christ to Springfield’s unreached. Without doubt, they also found ample inspiration from the ancient practice of the first church. So with incredible faith, that group entered an old dance hall and prayed the prayer of Acts 2:29 “Now, Lord... enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.”That early church shook with the power and presence of Almighty God. It is still shaking today.

Since those first days, God has grown South Side from a small start-up church to a group of over 700 people, living in the heart of our state’s capital. Power and influence surround us, and what happens in our city reverberates around our state. What an incredible opportunity for the gospel!

We believe that the best days of our kingdom impact are right before us.

For that reason, I want to challenge you to examine our Uncharted vision for a bold future together. I hope this will answer your questions and inspire you to join me in more boldly trusting God for an incredible season of ministry impact.

Over the last several years, South Side has navigated through a host of twists and turns on our journey together. We have experienced the ministry joys of “green pastures,” cheering on dozens of people committing to baptism and our church family during our “On Board” Sunday and joining hundreds of people in worship at our Hilton hotel Converge services. We have also experienced the ministry heartaches of “the desert,” saying goodbye to some staff, some people, and a multi-campus ministry. But through it all, God has remained faithful to His Word. He has been so faithful, in fact, that he has lead us to this next step as a church.

This year we are embarking on the largest mission initiative we have ever attempted, fully confident that our holy God is leading us into Uncharted territory.

This is our general ministry budget, but it is anything but general! These funds are used to fuel life-changing children’s ministry, student ministry, small groups, adult classes, worship ministry, and everything else that aids us in guiding everyday people into a Christ-following family. South Side is not an institution. We are a people on mission, reaching others. We are disciples making disciples who make disciples. We want to continue to grow in that way.
We want to unleash the ministry of Jesus EVERY DAY. So we need facilities to train today’s church and to reach today’s city and generation. Within two miles of our church, 14,400 people are not involved in a life of faith. Over half are single, divorced, or widowed. Yet the largest growing group of people are children under 11. Imagine a ministry and a facility that could reach them.
BOLD for our WORLD
We wouldn’t be South Side if we did not accelerate what we do for the world. In this two-year initiative, we believe God is challenging us as a church to give the largest amount we have ever given to missions both locally and globally. This is new to us as we have not had an accelerated mission component as part of a generosity initiative before.